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Building a nation of fit, strong and healthy children


Welcome to

Building a nation of fit,
strong and healthy children

What is Scoot Fit?

Scoot Fit is a sporting activity using push scooters to improve health and fitness in nurseries, schools and work place settings. We can provide one off sessions or something more permanent for your school or nursery.

We’re dedicated to getting more people active by using push scooters and so far, it’s working.

Our mission is for scooting to be recognised as a mode of active travel as relevant and important as cycling and walking.

Scooter Experience Days

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Nurseries, Reception & Year 1

We are the experts in getting your little ones scooting.
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Scooter Birthday Parties

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Why participate in ScootFit?

Scooting uses the same large muscle groups as running but is much more fun. Scoot Fit reduces stress on the bones and joints making movement easier, more comfortable and more sustainable than running.

Scoot Fit can be regarded as a core activity helping develop and improve agility, balance, co-ordination, muscle strength and endurance greatly benefiting any other sporting activity.

This makes Scoot Fit a great activity for everybody

Faster than walking

20 minute walk can be done in 5 minutes on a scooter

Burn more calories

Scooting is an all over body workout, burning 30% more calories than cycling


2 year olds up to 80 year olds can scoot together

Safer than cycling

You scoot on the pavement, not the road.

Active Travel

Scooting is the future of Active Travel

Targeting less-active, overweight and obese children

It’s really beneficial for children and adults who don’t enjoy running and find it just too difficult and run out of stamina.

On the flip side, if any children or adults enjoy running, Scoot Fit is the perfect activity to complement their interest and provide a more resistant type of running with less injuries.

When people have been exposed to Scoot Fit new skills and techniques are developed. Users will have a new found confidence and ability for scooting which will encourage them to start scooting as part of their daily lifestyle.


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