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Building a nation of fit, strong
and healthy children.

Building A Nation Of Fit, Strong And Healthy Children

Our Vision – “For all children to become confident and competent on a scooter which can be used as a form of fitness and active travel, helping build a nation of fit, strong and healthy children”.

Who are Scoot Fit?

Scoot Fit are a provider of education, training, events and sale of equipment focused on 3 wheel scooters and 2 wheel scooters.

We achieve this through 7 key areas of our business spilt between schools and leisure.


  • Scoot Fit EYFS – Scoot Straight Self sustainable programme
  • Scoot Fit Key Stage 1 and 2 – Playground training
  • Street Scoot – Active Travel Training


  • Scoot Fit Birthday parties
  • Scoot Fit Discos


  • Scooters
  • Safety Equipment
  • Ramps

What is Scoot Fit?

Scoot Fit uses 3 wheel scooters and 2 wheel scooters as secret exercise machines to improve health and fitness and active travel for children in schools.

We provide one off scooter training/reward/ fun days for the whole school and if you really like it we can help set you up as a Scoot Fit school so you can scoot all year round.

Scoot Fit is fully inclusive for most children with SEND helping to  increase their participation, engagement and enjoyment in PE and school sport.

Benefits of scooting

Scoot Fit uses the same large muscle groups as running but is much more fun. Scoot Fit reduces stress on the bones and joints making movement easier, more comfortable and more sustainable than running.

This makes Scoot Fit a great activity for children who don’t enjoy running or cross country and find it just too difficult and run out of stamina. On the flip side, if your school children enjoy running, Scoot Fit is the perfect activity to complement their interest and provide a more resistant type of running.

Scoot Fit can be regarded as a core activity helping develop and improve agility, balance, co-ordination, muscle strength and endurance greatly benefiting any other sporting activity.

When these new skills and techniques are developed, children will have a new found confidence and ability for utility scooting encouraging them to lead a healthy active lifestyle beyond school time and into adulthood.

Buy your own scooters and have a Scoot Camp!!!

We will educate and train your staff and children at your school during curriculum time. This will give your staff the chance to observe the specialist skills delivered to their class. Your staff will be trained with a newly developed knowledge and skills confidently and competently alongside our specialist coaches. Thus laying the foundations and blue print for a safe, lifelong sporting activity for your school.

After the boot camp your school will be ready to launch Scoot Fit as part of your PE lessons, extra-curricular activities, lunch time, after school clubs, sports days, golden hour’s and PTA events.

Scoot Fit can also help children develop strong characteristic traits like confidence, self-esteem, bravery, resilience, courage, pride, independent thinking along with a small element of risk taking.

Scoot Fit children are highly distinguishable from other children who ride scooters. Most notably Scoot Fit children scoot with alternate legs. If you ever see a child scooting with alternate legs, determination, passion, skill, technique and a smile, their school has Scoot Fit.


How can

this happen?


  • Book a Scoot Fit experience day to see if it would benefit your school.
  • Book Scoot Fit for a week at your school. Each class from KS1 & KS2 will have a 40mins lesson a day for 5 days with their teacher


  • Scoot Fit recommends a package of equipment for your school, click here

Scoot Fit KS1 & KS2

Scoot Fit benefits the whole school and is inclusive to children of all ages, skills and abilities. It engages all children, especially those unmotivated with traditional sports.

Why invest in Scoot Fit training?




Risk assessments All the hard work is carried out in week 1 under our supervision New and exciting sporting activity
Playground safety training Teacher training on skills/technique, track management and equipment Broad and balanced PE curriculum
Consistent behaviour on scooters Safe management of multiple children on scooters Socio economic boundaries to participate in PE are reduced because all equipment is provided
Equipment management A sequential curriculum of lesson including specific activities Mastery of fundamental skills
Track dynamics for your school Pedagogically suggestions on delivery Confidence, self-esteem and increased fitness levels
Accident management training Help identifying and remedying children who cannot scoot Learning skills in school to be used out of school
Breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs set up Learning objectives for each year group Fun and enjoyment learning from experts

You don’t want a series of bad accidents due to lack of training. Scoot Fit is like an advanced driving course for children on scooters which works fantastically well in playgrounds.

Integrating scooters into school culture is not a simple and straightforward process. If it was straight forward schools would already be actively using scooters in their curriculum. Scoot Fit training will minimize erratic behaviours, accidents and injuries that can result in: Cut and grazed hands, cut and grazed knees, cut and grazed elbows, cut and grazed facial features, cut and grazed hips, ripped trousers, ripped shirt, ripped jumper, ripped tights, dented confidence, dented pride and embarrassment.



Did you know: Not all children can scoot

We have found 40% of EYFS and KS1 cannot actually scoot and become quickly frustrated and give up trying. These children cannot scoot due to a mixture of lack of muscle strength, balance, agility and co-ordination. These children will not be able correct these imbalances by themselves and need training.

Scoot Fit training will get 100% of these children moving and having fun on scooters with their friends.


Join the Revolution and we support you all the way.

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