Experience Day

and Reward Days

Is your school looking for a new, exciting activity with the ‘WOW’ factor to reward children for their hard work?

"The best day I ever had at school!"

Do you want an inclusive activity with 95% engagement that children feedback as ‘The best day I’ve ever had at school’?

Engage children
with ease

Do you need stimulus for cross curricular writing, persuasive letters, thank you letters or anything that will help encourage a child to write?

Look no further!

We provide a fun, safe activity that engages children and has them smiling from ear to ear.

Our experience day is like a disco on two wheels with the whole school will be bouncing with enjoyment.

We just need you!

We are fully insured, DBS checked and provide all the equipment necessary for your entire school to take part, we just need the children and teachers to turn up.

For a 1 form entry school we typically deliver 7 sessions in a day with Reception, KS1 and KS2 all participating.

A Typical Day...

Our typical school timetable that can be tweaked to your actual timings.

  • 9.05 – 9.40
  • 9.45 – 10.20
  • 10.25 – 11.00
  • Morning break
  • 11.20 – 11.55
  • 13.00 -13.40
  • 13.45 – 14.20
  • 14.25 – 15.00

Get in touch with us

For further information on how our Reward and Experience Days could work of you, get in touch with us.

Watch 60 Children Scooting!