Scooter Disco and

Birthday Party!

Does your child like scooting? Let us give your child the best scooter party ever!

Scooter Birthday Parties

Our parties are fun, interactive and have children smiling from ear to ear!

“The best party ever!”

Our parties follow the same format as our discos, but the birthday child has a special lap of honour where it’s all eyes on them and they absolutely love it!

We can provide all the equipment, including

  • Scooters
  • Adult scooters
  • Ramps
  • Music
  • Trophy
  • Photos on Facebook, after the party to share with your friends.

Invite as many as the venue can hold!

Costs involve provision of 1 Hour Scoot Fit party and 1 Hour Party Room.

What we need to know

Contact us today, with details of your party date, time, where you live and we do the rest!