EYFS Programme
For Developing
Gross Motor Skills

Promoting A Healthy Active Lifestyle


Welcome to Scoot Fit

Building a nation of fit, strong
and healthy children.

The Vision

For all children to become confident and competent on a scooter which can be used as a form of fitness and active travel, helping build a nation of fit, strong and healthy children

Scoot Fit are a provider of education, training, events and sale of equipment focused on push scooter sporting activities for males and females aged between 2 years old – 80 years old.

We achieve this through 7 key areas of our business spilt between schools and leisure.



Scoot Fit is the brand new self-sustainable, inclusive sporting activity using push scooters to sustain and improve health and fitness safely for children in schools.

What is Scoot Fit


Scooter Shop:

Coming soon – Finance the Revolution and beyond with our Scoot Fit Scooter Shop and an amazing range of products, including safety equipment and ramps.

What You get


Join the Revolution and we support you all the way.

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