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About Us

After a number of years working in pharmaceutical sales, James became disillusioned with what he was doing and wanted to do something more meaningful and relevant whilst empowering his own children. James and his children all enjoyed riding on scooters, it was fun, provided a commonality between them and scooting was physically exhausting providing great exercise. Scooting was quicker than walking, much more fun and a great way of sneaking in exercise, it just seems more logical to scoot than walk.

In 2012 James set up a company called Scooters the Race, an activity for children who loved riding scooters but who now had a clear goal to achieve. As the activity developed and evolved from a basic start, there was a clear realisation that scooters were a great way of engaging and motivating children to be active whilst having fun in a structured setting. Parents races were also introduced much to their enjoyment and they had as much fun as their children.

From this point on James knew there was a future in scooting, James envisaged a future of the entire nation scooting.

The only barrier to this happening is adults feeling silly or looking stupid being on a scooter because no one else is doing it. However, this social stigma is slowly being eroded away, with more and more adults scooting at our discos and fitness classes it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the nation will follow. In a few years, adults riding scooters will be as common as adults riding bikes.

To get the whole nation scooting, schools are the heartbeat of this movement.

In 2016 Scooters the Race rebranded to Scoot Fit – Building a nation of fit, strong and healthy children.

Scoot Fit aims to change the landscape of physical activity in schools and leisure by providing a fantastic new sporting activity for children and parents to enjoy for years to come. We are hoping the result of Scoot Fit will see a social change in our society with more people scooting locally together rather than relying on cars and buses for transportation locally.

From this point on James started working with head teachers, PE teachers and EYFS leads on what is now Scoot Fit EYFS and Scoot Fit key stage 1 and key stage 2.


Join the Revolution and we support you all the way.

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